Sofa, So Good: Where Yuskavage Meets Vuillard

He’s the painter and onetime Nabi whose multi-hued, multi-patterned interiors, populated by a coterie of urbane friends and patrons, are featured in a current show at New York’s Jewish Museum. She’s the painter of provocative figures, particularly outlandish undressed females, that play with convention and expectations. So just what about Edouard Vuillard does Lisa Yuskavage find so mesmerizing? 
Find out this Thursday, when Yuskavage reveals to Jewish Museum chief curator Norman Kleeblatt how she was seduced and influenced by the French master’s work. The public chat is sure to be revealing—one way or another.

Left: Edouard Vuillard, “Marcelle Aron (Madame Tristan Bernard),” 1914. Courtesy The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Gift of Alice C. Simkins in memory of Alice N. Hanszen. Right: Lisa Yuskavage, “Northview,” 2000, oil on linen. Courtesy the artist and David Zwirner, New York

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